Period poverty

Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine: A Step to End Period Poverty.

A Sanitary napkin is an essential product for women during periods. Many campaigns were organized, videos made, and articles written about the importance of using sanitary napkins during the Menstruation Cycle. Various organizations have come forward and contributed to making period products readily available for women during periods. However, many women still use old dirty cloth, sandbags, leaves, ashes, and…

Lidl offers free boxes of Sanitary Pads and Tampons to Women.

Due to the non-availability of sanitary napkins, millions of girls drop out of school, women face various types of menstrual disorders, hence giving rise to period poverty. Many schools and NGOs provide free sanitary napkins to girls, so they don’t need to drop out of school and understand the importance of using sanitary pads during periods. But, there are still…

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