My Kit-Suvidha

Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha: A must-have Travel Essential for Women.

Every woman must have fallen into a situation when periods hit them while traveling to different places. It becomes very challenging for women when they get periods while traveling on an express train. Because sometimes, the washroom in the trains is not facilitated with water and other hygiene materials. During such situations, menstruation women find it challenging to maintain menstrual…

Benefits of including Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha in flood relief items.

Periods don’t stop for floods or pandemics. Flood victims are helped with flood relief items that include rice, food grains, pulses, oil, jaggery salt, utensils, and many more. Other than these, another and essential item that is require for women flood victims is sanitary pads. Sanitary napkins are used during the menstruation cycle to avoid period stains on the surfaces.…

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