Free Sanitary Napkins

Women can get free sanitary pads through the Stree Sanman Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine.

Women nearly use around 10-14 sanitary pads per month during the menstruation cycle to absorb the menstrual flow. Using sanitary napkins during periods helps to maintain menstrual hygiene during periods. Nowadays, women are shifting towards menstrual cups and cotton reusable cloth pads. Menstrual cups and cotton reusable cloth pads are eco-friendly solutions to maintain menstrual hygiene. But for some women,…

Free Sanitary Napkins to girls in Andhra Pradesh.

When women suffer from Menstruation Cycle, it is essential to use good menstrual products to maintain menstrual hygiene. Earlier, women used rags, dirty used clothes, sandbags, and dry leaves to avoid period stains. It gave rise to many deadly diseases that women have to face throughout their life. It continued from decades to decades, and even now, in some parts…

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