Covid-19 pandemic

How does the Stree Sanman Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine provide easy access to sanitary napkins to rural women during Lockdown?

Women during periods require sanitary napkins to maintain good menstrual hygiene. In rural areas, where women lack period knowledge; they continue to cling to the traditional use of old clothes, dry leaves, sandbags, and ashes during menstrual flow. However, various campaigns are carry out by NGOs, government, and private firms to create awareness regarding; the importance of maintaining period hygiene…

Couples installed Facemask Vending Machine in Chennai.

As the cases of Covid-19 are reaching their peak; the government and the Healthcare workers are advising the people to prioritize wearing facemasks whenever they step out of their home and exercise social distancing. Wearing a mask will protect you from contracting the disease as it spreads through respiratory organs. Even people who are getting vaccine shots are advise to…

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