In India, many women are not aware of the availability of sanitary napkin. It is estimated that 24.8% of the population lives in urban areas, and 75.2% live in rural areas in Karjat. So the rural community is not aware of the availability of sanitary napkin. They use sand, dirty used clothes, leaves, and many more substitutes during their periods. They are not conscious of the hygiene they should maintain during periods.

On the other hand, women who use sanitary napkin find it challenging to dispose of. There is only two segregation of garbage that is dry and wet. So, women find it confusing whether they should throw the used sanitary napkin in dry waste or wet waste. They throw it in the drain, roads, or in dumping ground.

Karjat Municipal Corporation (KMC) found this issue and approached Stree Sanman for Stree Sanman Sanitary Napkin Incinerators. Mrs. Swarna Ketan Joshi Ward Director of Karjat Municipal Corporation (KMC) inaugurated Stree Sanman Sanitary Napkin Incinerator. KMC took a great initiative to provide proper disposal of the sanitary napkin in an eco-friendly manner.

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