Following are some frequently asked questions.

What is sanitary pad vending machine?

Sanitary pad vending machine is an automatic/electrical or manual machine to dispense Sanitary Pad at your will and when you need. We have 4 variant of Sanitary pad Vending machines:

  1. Stree Sahay – Manual (single coin operated)
  2. Stree Sahay – Automatic (Multicoin Operated)
  3. Stree Sahay – Mobile (An App based)
  4. Stree Sahay – RFID (RFID Based)

What is Sanitary Pad Incinerator?

Sanitary Pad Incinerator is an eco friendly method to dispose the Soiled Sanitary Napkin. The Sanitary Pad Incinerator uses a heating coil to convert the soiled sanitary napkin to filtered ash. This ash can be used as a fertiliser to plant and trees.

How frequently one should change the sanitary pad during period?

Ideally the sanitary pad should be changed in every 5-6 hours as with longer time it may create irritation, can cause skin related issues.

Is it safe to throw used sanitary pad in regular garbage?

Used sanitary pad should not be thrown with the regular garbage. Ideally it should be incinerated so that the filtered ash can be used as a fertiliser for plants.

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