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Women is blessed with a super power to keep the human race alive and we are here to help you to carry your power with ease.


Women often face problems during the menstruation cycle regarding the unavailability of sanitary napkins. Our Vision is to make easy accessibility of Sanitary products with advanced technology to women during Menstruation emergencies. She should feel comfortable and confident at the office and public places during her menstrual cycle without any inconvenience.


Women often need to carry their sanitary napkin during their period. If she fails to carry the sanitary napkin she gets worried.

To avoid this situation, our mission is to create such an ecosystem with the help of advanced and innovative technique; where women will feel convenience during her menstruation cycle wherever she goes.


Our objective is to provide technological solution to overcome the struggle women face during her periods. We will help them by facilitating personal hygiene products. Stree Sanman will also help women by  providing machines for eco-friendly disposal of the use sanitary products to maintain and uplift the dignity of women.

StreeSanman Centers!

Help us create an ecosystem with #StreeSanmanCenters!

We are setting up Stree Sanman Centres at designated places. this step is to make sanitary napkins or other relevant products available to all the ladies as and when they require. You may also suggest a place!

With the contribution amount we will be installing Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines and Sanitary Napkin Incinerators with Smoke Absorption unit. Places such as public places, Farms, Co-Op Housing Societies and we will also donate Sanitary Napkins to needy women.

Please donate for #StreeSanmanCenters

The Team Members

Priya Nikam


The Ideator! “I will NEVER GIVE UP until I get Something RIGHT”

Boneym Lobo

Boneym Lobo

The sales expert

“I Believe CUSTOMERS are the most Important Part of any BUSINESS”

Priyanka Bhowmick

The all-rounder

“I Love Turning GREAT IDEAS Into REALITY.”


The tech intern

“I’m a METHODICAL Person”


We brainstorm to provide the finest solution.


We develop our solutions with precision and passion.


We always make it large when it comes to launching a product.

Our Partners

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Now no need to remember and carry your pads everytime. We design and innovate solutions to make the stuff available at correct time at correct place 😉

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